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Anime footage of Japan is always loved by world audiences because of its realistic sound and visual effects. Let's go to Gogo Anime to review the Top 5 best and most attractive adventure anime movies ever!

1. One Piece - Pirate Island

One Piece is set in the story of the pirate king Gol D. Roger has a huge treasure hidden in the sea, the discoverer of this treasure will own them.

The main character tells about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy. With admiration for pirates since childhood, Luffy founded his own pirate crew called the Straw Hats.

Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates and the pirate king's journey to find treasure also begin here. However, getting your hands on a huge treasure block is not easy. What challenges and dangers are waiting for Luffy to discover?

2. Doraemon - A robotic cat from the future

Doraemon tells about the life of a clumsy boy named Nobita and a robotic cat from the future - Doraemon, and other friends such as Suneo, Jaian, Shizuka, ...

Nobita is always in trouble and his next move will be to go home crying with Doraemon. Before the pleas, Doraemon took the magic bag in front of his stomach with all kinds of future treasures to help Nobita.

3. Pokémon - Legendary Pokemon

Set in an era of technology development, appeared a game called Pokémon, the film tells the journey to explore the world and towards the dream of becoming a professional Pokémon trainer of a boy named Pokémon. Satoshi.

Satoshi has had a dream since childhood to become a talented Pokémon trainer. When he came of age to compete, he happened to meet and tame the tough electric-type Pokémon - Pikachu.

From here, the two hit the road, participating in Pokémon battles, getting closer to the international arena. Will Satoshi succeed in his dream?

4. Sword Art Online - Sword God Realm

Sword Art Online is set in a period of technological development, appearing a virtual reality game called VRMMORPG. Here, players will use NerveGear - a magical helmet to experience and control the character in the game with their mind.

The main character in the film is Kirito, a notorious player in the game industry. Like 1000 other players, Kirito was also eager to log into this game but was stuck in virtual reality. Soon after, the game's creator said that all gamers must pass 100 floors of Aincrad - a suspended tower if they want to be free, or they will all face death.

5. Fairy Tail - Fairy Tail Wizards Guild

Fairy Tail is set in the world of Earth-land - where there are many guilds, an environment for magicians to use magic for paid work requirements.

The main character in the film is Natsu Dragneel - a Dragon Slayer wizard, from the Fairy Tail guild has set out to explore the Kingdom of Fiore in search of his missing adoptive father. During the adventure, he befriends a young witch named Lucy Heartfilia and invites her to join Fairy Tail. There is also Gray Fullbuster - an ice witch; Erza Scarlet - a magical knight; Wendy Marvell and Carla - another Dragon Slayer and Exceed duo.

Natsu Dragneel's team embarks on a variety of missions, including destroying criminals and ancient Etherious demons. Let's also follow Natsu's journey!

Above are the Top 5 best adventure anime movies that are loved by the majority of the audience. Don't forget to save your own movie collection and watch anime for free at